Fishing boats at Boonooroo

The Location... in the heart of the Fraser Coast!

If you want to drive your fishing and boating experiences to new heights, a trip to the Sandy Strait and the seaside escape of Boonooroo will make it well and truly worth your while.

Coming from the south through Gympie, or from the north through the heritage hotspot of Maryborough, you will find this pleasure haven that awaits all those who dare to explore.

For generations Boonooroo has given birth to many fishing legends, or tales about the one that got away.

Today the seaside village has really embraced the recent southern interest shown in the Fraser Coast by growing up to meet the expectations of visitors who come to admire what those who are close, have known for years.

The Point is... Great fishing! Great crabbing! Great boating!

'It was the peace & quiet that attracted us, now it's being part of a terrific community that makes it all so glad we found Boonooroo!'